This is just an example design that was made with the assistance of the GoldenEgg Theme Builder. There is an infinite number of menu design combinations possible. Remember that IMAGINATION IS YOUR ONLY LIMIT. GoldenEgg is the result of the need to create original design patterns as fast as possible and with next to no troubles crossing your path during that process. With other themes that are currently available on the market, you can´t but keep waiting for another DEMO to be released. This is not so with our builder as it is you who´s in charge of coming up with new skins and themes.


We´re more than persuaded that the moment designers get to know the GoldenEgg Theme Builder inside out, they will then be able to create an unlimited number of distinctive web presentations. GoldenEgg Theme Builder will be the only tool needed for them to successfully and with utmost satisfaction keep doing what they like. We´re doing our best to keep our builder up to date with current web trends. Build UNIQUE design, Make MONEY Faster, Save TIME & TROUBLE.

Only Imagination is Your Limit.

This is just a sample page. It is to be your source of inspiration as to where to go next with your design. Imagination is your only limit. Create whatever design you like. We will keep you supplying with new addons along the way.

Not only is the GoldenEgg Theme a multi-purpose theme, but it is a THEME BUILDER as well. It comes with the unique LIVE PREVIEW system giving you full control when creating WordPress web presentations. Its´s possible to create a surprisingly rich variety of web pages. Let´s mention hotels with the booking system included, restaurants with the exact time-based booking system possible, sporting facilities, creative agencies, production companies, designers, photographers and thousands of others at your disposal.


Big Image with Right Sidebar
Big Image with Left Sidebar
Small image, without sidebar
Small image, right sidebar
Small image, left sidebar
Fullwidth image, left sidebar



Imagination is your only limit

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